In the Good Deeds Across Time Survey, you can share your ideas on what kind of sustainability work you want us to do. Based on the results, we will give support to sustainability efforts where it is most needed. 

The campaign was first organised in autumn 2021, with 40,000 owner-customers responding to the survey. Based on the responses, OP cooperative banks across Finland have provided financial literacy training, supported youth employment and organised training on the use of digital services, among other areas.

Each OP cooperative bank uses the results of the survey in its decision-making. You can follow sustainability work on your OP cooperative bank’s website and social media channels, for example.

The survey will run until 9 October 2022. After you have made your choices, press Send. You will be taken automatically to the Thank you page, where you can participate for a chance to win tickets to the Mestarit tour. Read more

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