As part of this partnership, OP Uusimaa has initiated a pilot program allowing future TCS employees to start their banking processes in advance online, providing expats with even better support. This article examines how this symbiotic relationship is transforming financial management for expatriates in Finland and beyond. 

Each month, TCS facilitates the relocation of many employees to Finland, a transition that presents notable hurdles. Finnish banking regulations have lengthy processes for the use of foreign bank accounts for salary deposits or tax payments, and establishing a new bank account locally is neither straightforward nor swift. 
Highlighting the onboarding challenge, Kali Prasad Tripathy, Country HR Manager for TCS Finland, points out the critical nature of the issue:  

“Some employees endure up to two and a half months waiting for a bank appointment, whereas ideally, this process should conclude within one to two weeks.” 

To mitigate these delays and establish a 'green channel' for expedited bank account openings, Ravi Trivedi, TCS Client Partner for OP Financial Group has enabled first connect sessions between OP Uusimaa and TCS HR, to jointly find sustainable solutions. TCS prioritized reducing wait times and enhancing the onboarding experience for its employees, aiming for minimal business interruption. 

Innovative Banking Solutions: The Green Channel Initiative 

In response, OP Uusimaa initiated a pilot program allowing future TCS employees to start their banking processes online in advance. This forward-thinking approach involves using a digital form where customers can provide required documents in advance. Then a dedicated team for TCS employees can schedule banking appointments promptly upon arrival. This way, waiting times are significantly reduced and it exemplifies how proactive planning and a consultative approach can address bureaucratic challenges, setting a new standard for expatriate banking. 

Kali Prasad Tripathy, Country HR Manager for TCS Finland, reflects on the impact of these changes:  

“Earlier, it used to take 4 to 6 weeks, sometimes even 6 to 8 or 8 to 10 weeks, to get an appointment. Now, the timeline has been reduced to, let's say, 1 to 2 weeks. This is a great experience from a customer perspective.” 

Furthermore, Ravi Trivedi, TCS Client Partner for OP Financial Group, highlights:  
“A Pilot conducted by OP Uusimaa for newly landing TCS expat employees has been a big success. This has paved the way for a 2nd Pilot to enable Green Channel even for TCS Employees already living in Finland and we are really happy seeing the response.” 

Unlocking Mutual Benefit: The Power of Collaboration

The partnership between TCS and OP Uusimaa transcends conventional banking benefits, extending its advantages to employees' families and the broader expatriate community in Finland through: 

Family-Inclusive Banking Solutions: OP Uusimaa extends its expedited services to family members, simplifying financial management, enhancing convenience and security for the whole family. 

Expanding Customer Base: By offering English-language services, OP Uusimaa not only caters to a wider audience but also emphasizes its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, supporting the wider expatriate community in Finland. 

Comprehensive Banking Services: OP Uusimaa offers financial services, encompassing banking, loan, investment, insurance, rental- and real estate services. Having all their solutions under one roof simplifies financial management for expatriates.  

Owner-customer relationship: By becoming an OP Uusimaa owner-customer, individuals gain access to exclusive benefits and OP bonuses, enjoying discounts on banking, insurance, and investment services. 

This partnership not only facilitates smoother transitions for expatriates but also fosters a growing network of support, ensuring international customers' integration into Finnish society is seamless and successful. 

A Partnership Shaping the Future of Expat Banking Excellence  

The strategic partnership between TCS and OP Uusimaa represents a forward-thinking approach to banking, one that prioritizes the needs of the expatriate community and their families. Thanks to its focus on tailor-made solutions, continuous improvement, and consultative demeanor of its sales team, OP Uusimaa is not only achieving its business goals, but showing its commitment to the community as well. 

Echoing this sentiment, Kali Prasad Tripathy and Ravi Trivedi underscore the importance of societal contribution:  

“The collaboration and joining hands together for doing something for the society is always a key priority for TATA Group and TCS. Be it, OP Uusimaa or any other customer, we always look for that kind of opportunity wherever we operate.”  

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