As a participant from Hanken & SSE Business Lead Program to being a trainee at OP Helsinki, was a really great experience for me. I was responsible for projects and events related to international customer service. I got to learn about different services like daily banking & mobile banking (OP-mobile) to insurances, loan services and real estate. In this blog post I share some of my learnings and experiences.

Today, life being so busy and the schedules being so hectic, sometimes it is not possible to visit the bank. By using the online services like mobile banking and online banking, one can save their time to a great extent. In case of negotiation for loans, you can get an estimate through internet banking and it is also possible to get information via video call or book an appointment for a meeting in person with an expert. All you need to do is simply download the OP-Mobile app on your phone and log in using the code app and the key code for the first time and after that feel free to do the money transactions or pay your bills in seconds. Very easy!

OP also offers financial & economical education for young people to learn about savings and make themselves aware about expensive loans and savings and also value money more. It is a great opportunity for them to participate in various competitions through this program and win a chance to become entrepreneurs and begin their journey towards earning money at a very young age.

My internship at OP Helsinki was exciting and It was great to meet people from various divisions (Executive Board, CEO of OP Helsinki) and all our buddies and colleagues from various branches. My mentor, buddies & colleagues were quite helpful and supportive during my internship.

Priyanka Ladva

Artikkeli kertoo Hanken & SSE Business Lead 2019 -ohjelmaan liittyvästä harjoittelusta OP Helsingissä. OP Helsinki on tänä vuonna toista kertaa mukana Hanken & SSE:n järjestämässä ohjelmassa, jonka tavoitteena on parantaa koulutettujen ja kielitaitoisten maahanmuuttajien työllistymismahdollisuuksia Suomessa.