Men living in Uusimaa have a higher average home loan than women: EUR 175,600 versus EUR 137,190. This is partly due to the income gap between men and women, and partly because men are more often registered as the principal borrower for joint loans.
Uusimaa residents have an average credit card limit of EUR 3,630, of which they use an average of 27% (around EUR 980) per month. The average limit has slightly increased since 2022, when it was EUR 3,400, of which around EUR 920 was in use. 

What characterises a typical home loan customer in different parts of the region? 
The table below lists the differences between municipalities in Uusimaa. Figures on average loan amounts are based on OP Uusimaa’s customer data. The DTI figures are based on a calculation by OP Financial Group economists. 

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