Investing has become part of the daily lives of an increasing number of people in Finland. OP Uusimaa’s customer data reveals that young investors in particular in the area were more active in 2023 than the year before.

OP Uusimaa customers aged 18–24 bought as much as 71% more shares than the year before. When measured in euros, young people invested up to 110% more than in 2022. Among the municipalities of Uusimaa, sales volumes grew most in Järvenpää, Porvoo, Espoo, Nurmijärvi and Helsinki.

 In 2023, young people in Uusimaa bought Nordea, Fortum and Neste shares most.

 “It’s nice to see young people have become excited about investing and saving. I encourage parents to discuss financial matters with their children from a young age,” says Eevi Määttä, Senior Vice President, Wealth Building at OP Uusimaa.

There are still gender-based differences in equity investment among young people, as only about a third of our share investor customers aged 18–24 are women; the rest are men.

“Hopefully, this will level out in the future,” says Määttä.

Even though young people traded equity actively last year, the majority of young people invest in funds. Many invest in funds through regular monthly investment plans, where money is transferred automatically once a month to their chosen funds.

“OP customers aged 18–24 invest approximately 59 euros per month in funds through monthly investment plans. Young people are particularly interested in index funds, saver’s funds and sustainability-themed funds, which are good choices for diverse long-term saving,” Määttä adds.

Most bought shares by OP Uusimaa’s customers aged 18–24 in 2023:

  1. Nordea
  2. Fortum
  3. Neste

Most bought funds by OP Uusimaa’s customers aged 18–24 in 2023:

  1. OP-Maltillinen
  2. OP-Rohkea
  3. OP-Maailma

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