It’s best to learn how to manage your finances and use money wisely from an early age. OP cooperative banks view the promotion of financial literacy as a natural fit with ESG. OP Tampere supports Yrityskylä business villages for schoolchildren, teaches financial literacy and budgeting in schools and on the social media, and coaches young people who have financial problems. In its ‘Summer jobs paid for by OP’ campaign, the bank donates money to associations to pay 15–17 year-olds having their first experience of working life and earning money.

Older people also need new kinds of financial skills

We also help older people to use the more convenient banking services provided since the digital transformation. They can learn digital skills together with an expert from a bank or a specialist working with older people.

People who don’t feel comfortable about using digital banking services can bank without a computer, smartphone or internet connection: daily use of services is eased by payment cards; bank giro envelopes and direct payment for settling bills; and OP Account SMS notification messages.

Our jargon-free guidelines for older people explain how to use non-digital banking services. Download or print out the guidelines at

Inspiration and guidance in managing money

OP cooperative banks provide financial literacy courses for schoolchildren, webinars for students, and social media tips for financial coaches to engage young people in managing their finances. However, money matters can get out of hand. As well as being a source of anxiety, financial problems can lead to difficulties in everyday but important matters, such as finding a rental apartment. Through the national Financial Literacy Project, experts from OP cooperative banks provide help for youngsters who have trouble balancing their spending and income, paying bills, or applying for financial assistance.

We want to help both young and older people to gain control over their financial matters, in order to strengthen their faith in the future,” summarise Elli Tyysteri and Taru Kaustinen, who work as service advisors and financial coaches at OP Tampere.

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OP cooperative banks promote financial literacy

  • In Yrityskylä business villages, sixth graders practice percentage calculations, financial literacy and social studies, and learn about taxation and working life. Ninth graders compete at managing businesses on the international markets.
  • Financial literacy courses in schools use suitable methods to teach children about money and prepare them for the Financial Literacy Competition arranged by the Association for Teachers of History and Social Studies in Finland, and supported by OP.
  • Financial coaches provide advice via the social media, YouTube and various events.
  • The Financial Literacy Project supports young people who are in financial difficulties.
  • Older people are given advice on how to use online banking or other convenient services.
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