YES, I GOT THE JOB! was the first reaction of Weera Taimela, 17, when she learned she had landed her first summer job as a camp counsellor at Hippo-Megaleiri.

This general sports camp, organised by FC Kirkkonummi and Kirkkonummi Ranger, gave children the opportunity to try out different types of sports. In addition to three lead counsellors, the camp employed 12 summer workers. During the two camp weeks, Taimela – an avid footballer and scout herself – watched over the children and spent time with them.

“The best part was being outdoors and the ice cream we got on the last day of camp.”

OP Uusimaa contributed 400 euros to Taimela’s summer job wages. According to a survey carried out in 2021, OP Uusimaa’s owner-customers considered that supporting the employment and financial literacy of young people is the bank’s most important corporate responsibility action.

The ‘Summer Jobs Paid for by OP’ campaign channels support directly to the cause considered a priority by the owner-customers. When employing a young person, the association commits to following the Responsible summer job principles.

The grants received for hiring summer workers are extremely valuable to associations,” says Sami Rukkila, Executive Director of FC Kirkkonummi. He is also pleased how conscientious the summer workers are about the tasks assigned to them and are ready to give their all to the children.

“Young people know how to swing into the camp mood!”

According to Rukkila, the summer camps attracted 39 skilfully written summer job applications. In principle, anyone of the applicants could have been selected.

“As an employer, it was really hard for us to choose our workers from among all the applications. I encourage all young people to apply for a number of jobs that interest them well before summer next spring.”

We make a real difference by carrying out corporate responsibility actions chosen by our owner-customers. Let us know what corporate responsibility actions you’d like us to carry out. Take the Good Deeds Across Time survey between 19 September and 9 October 2022

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